Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Preferential Entry to Saint Peter’s Basilica

Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Preferential Entry* to Saint Peter's Basilica Skip the Line

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Vatican Museums

free tour roma Sala museos vaticanos

Guided tours of the Vatican Museums, get to know the beauty of the temple from the hand of our guides, includes tickets

We have guides in English who will guide you through the secrets of this wonderful site, you will appreciate its paintings, architecture, decoration and fascinating stories about the Pope’s conclave. You will also visit the private collection of the Papacy, and its galleries, gardens and rooms with incalculable value all within the Vatican City.

Sistine Chapel

We will take you on a unique tour of the incredible Sistine Chapel, where you will learn about the beautiful works of art it exhibits, its history and mysteries

You will be able to observe how on a ruse of scaffolding, wooden bridges and others, the Renaissance artist Michelangelo began the construction of his great work, the vault of the Sistine Chapel

The fresco gives off an enigmatic energy and beauty, a multitude of secrets and iconographies that are hidden in the characters and colors used by Michelangelo in the renowned work, the representation of Adam connected with God so well known throughout the world.

For more than 4 years, the virtuous artist dedicated his soul, time and health to making the first fresco of his artistic life, on our tour we will take you to explore the different artistic creations of authors such as Botticelli, or Cosimo Rosselli with the also known “Last Supper“.

free tour roma Capilla Sixtina en el Tour Gratis por Roma

We have Preferential entry to St. Peter's Basilica (not available*)

Discover one of the secret corridors of the Vatican* with the help of our guides, and forget about the lines that are made to enter the sacred temple

A perfect opportunity to know the two most incredible places of eternal Rome, our city tours include tickets, guides in English and we will not have to wait in long lines to see these impressive sites.

* Because of Covid-19 this passage is closed. Visit will end in Sistine Chapel
IMPORTANT: To enter, the only accepted vaccines are: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca


Vatican Museums
The Vatican Museums are a series of galleries and a group of buildings of artistic value, owned by the church and accessible to all Vatican tourists, where works from an extensive collection of the Catholic Church are also displayed. Its founding base was the private collection of Julius II, who would be Pope in 1503. Later in history other Popes have increased and included numerous collections, this museum complex is made up of different thematic buildings, pontifical buildings, galleries, monuments, and gardens. The emblematic Vatican Library, one of the most complete in the world, also belongs to this group of buildings.
Sistine Chapel
It is one of the Chapels of the Vatican Palace, originally it served as the chapel of the Vatican fortress, known in previous years as Capella Magna, by Pope Sixtus IV, who would order its restoration between 1477 and 1480. Since then this chapel is used for various acts of the Papacy. It is currently used as the seat of the conclave, a meeting in which the cardinal electors of the College of Cardinals elect the new Pope.
Preferential Entrance to St. Peter's Basilica (not available*)
Our guides take you through the hidden corridors* of the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter’s Basilica and drop you at the door to avoid long access lines
* Because of Covid-19 this passage is closed. Visit will end in Sistine Chapel

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