Guided Visits (EN)

Guided Visits

Enjoy your experience in Rome without the bother of the lines...

Tickets Included and without queuing Special Prices for Schools and Large Groups

Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica - Skip the Line

Guided tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums, with tickets included, to delight us with the beauty of the temple. Our guide in English will guide us through the secrets of his paintings, his architecture, decoration and stories about the Pope's conclave. We will visit the private collection of the Papacy, its galleries, gardens and rooms, of incomparable value, in the Vatican City.

IMPORTANT: To enter, the only accepted vaccines are: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca
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Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forums

Hail CESAR those who are going to die greet you!! They were the screams of the GLADIATORS as they entered the arena of the imposing FLAVIAN AMPHITHEATER, better known as ROMAN COLISEUM! Our English Guide will take you on a tour of the heart of ROME, THE PALATINE HILL where this great city was born, which would later become THE GREAT ROMAN EMPIRE.

Full Day Papal Tour

What is the Papal Audience? It is a public audience, it is not a mass or a private audience. During the audience, the Pope receives the faithful, greets all the congregations and countries present in all languages and then they do some readings and reflections on a current topic, cultural, religious, etc.

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At first the name of catacombs was given to the cemetery of San Sebastián, that place where the early Christians of Rome had provisionally buried the bodies of Saint Paul and Saint Peter, at a time when they feared that they would be stolen from them.

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica was an ancient city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in ancient Latium, Italy, which served as the port of ancient Rome and perhaps its first colony...

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Free Walking Tours - based on Tips

2:45 Hours

Free Tour Rome's squares and Vatican (English)

Monday to Sathurday 11:30, Sundays 9:30 with Angelus (Papal Blessing). Barberini sq., Triton fountain (Metro A - Barberini)

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Free Tour Roma Imperial
2:30 Hours

Free Tour Imperial Rome and Colosseum (EN)

Everyday 4:30pm - Lower exit of Metro Line B Colosseo - Based on tips

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2:30 Hours

Free Tour Trastevere (EN)

Tuesday to Sunday, 7:30pm - Exit of Metro Circomassimo (Line B) - Based on Tips

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